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makes your photo even better!
High End Photoshop Retouching
Our high end retouching services are customized and detailed to each individual image. With a large range of corrections available our results are realistic and perfect for your uses.
Blemish removal
Wrinkles and under-eye lines softened (including neck wrinkles)
Eye brightening
Teeth whitened
Hair fly-away reduction
Color balance refining
Redness or sunburn evened out
Thinning of face, neck and shoulders
Facial features reshaped… nose, forehead, jawline
Skin smoothed and “glowed”
Crooked smiles straightened
Wrinkles and stains removed from clothing
Feel free to discuss any concerns about your skin or face can be with us during your consultation. Our retouching skills can make your photo close to perfect but it cannot solve all problems. Being tired or stressed might not be solved with even the best photoshop skills.
Polish without over-Photoshopping is the goal for us when we work on your images.
We've photographed you to make your headshot look confident, approachable and genuine. We want it to open doors and create opportunities. Sometimes though that great expression shows some facial imperfections that you rather not see. There also might be some skin areas that you might want to minimize before your headshot goes out to the public.

That's where high end retouching plays a role.
It's a higher level of finishing while still preserving the subtle and natural side of your skin. We remove blemishes, wrinkles and under-eye lines are softened, redness or sunburn from skin is evened out. We'll whiten teeth, brighten the eyes, reduce hair fly-aways., and so much more.

Most "photographers" do not have the retouching skills to carefully minimize distractions and enhance your impression significantly. They might use some photoshop plugin and make your skin look like plastic and unrealistic.